Alloy wheel refurbishment & colour change

Restore or modify the appearance of your wheels

Why should you refurb your wheels?

Whether your wheels have suffered corrosion, kerb damage, scuffs or if you just fancy a colour change, we offer a range of professional alloy wheel refurbishment services including Powder-coating and Diamond Cutting. This service usually takes 1-2 days to complete. You may leave your car with us while the refurbishment is carried out, or you can drop your wheels off and collect them once they are finished.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Services

AGW's wheel refurbishment services

Whether you’re looking for corrective or cosmetic treatment of your wheels, AGW Detailing offers a variety of wheel refurbishment services in Basildon to ensure your wheels are looking their best:

Alloy Wheel Powder Coating

Alloy wheel shot blasting

The alloys are first shot blasted to remove existing paint and corrosion from the surface. This also keys the surface to provide the optimum base for powder coating. Any defects in the alloys such as kerb damage are then repaired to give a factory new look.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Services in Basildon, Essex

Alloy wheel powder coating

Powder coating ensures the best finish for your alloys while giving you the freedom to choose any colour to match your vehicle. Powder coating is the most durable finish for your alloys and ensures the paint will not suffer from peeling months down the line. Prices start from £70 per wheel and include tyre fitting and balancing.

Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting

Diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment

For diamond cut alloys, the same process is carried out, however the alloys are finished on a lathe before being clear coated. This restores the glossy metal shine from factory, removing any curbing damage or corrosion. Prices start from £100 per wheel and include tyre fitting and balancing.

Ceramic coating for your alloys

Alloy wheel ceramic coatings

With all alloy wheel refurbishments, you will receive £50 off a ceramic coating. A ceramic coating for your alloys will repel water and dirt, keeping the alloys cleaner for longer while also making them much easier to clean. It will also prevent brake dust from embedding into the surface which leaves hard to remove black spots over the alloys. It also protects the alloys from harsh chemicals and UV damage.

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